The New Way to success.


Ayla Public Relations Agency is an independent, entrepreneurial and tenacious public relations firm. Turkey and Qatar’s most recognized brands and organizations choose to work with us because we’re focused on achieving our client’s goals.

We believe that communications campaigns and strategies should be based on a healthy blend of research and creativity. We use all the tools currently available; whether media relations, social media, content creation and marketing regimes, teamwork & intercommunications, campaign-launches, speeches or all of the contemporary communications needs.


Our focus is in creating meaningful public relations packages and regimes for our clients beginning with listening to the client’s needs. We focus on ensuring that are clients values and ideas are clearly communicated with respect to the client’s particular sector (social research, governmental agencies , etc.). We strive to compete in a fast paced world of mobility and expedited services. Quality is what we value in all of our client’s relationships. Our mission is to produce quality with cutting edge creativity.


Our values and ethics are rooted in a firm understanding of international norms, laws and procedures. Confidentiality is a hallmark of all of client relationships. We believe that respecting and abiding by all international copyright and patents are the cornerstone of customer relations. Honesty and fairness are ensured and respected at all times, by our agency and each individual employee at all times.

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